Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Brother Went to Brazil & All I Got Were These Lousy Bird Photos

Yes, as the title suggests, my brother visited Brazil earlier this month. He stayed in Sao Paulo for 10 days, enjoying the weather south of the equator and watching water drain the opposite way down the sink.

As a birder, I was actually pleased that my brother captured images of a few birds he encountered during his trip. It's a challenge having to identify species of birds I would not normally encounter birding in the Niagara Region.

This first photo after much thought and surfing the net, appears to have examples of adult and juvenile Kelp Gulls. 2 adult Kelp Gulls can be found (1 standing & 1 sitting) in the right foreground of the image. A third adult Kelp Gull in the background is looking in the direction of the photographer. To the best of my ability (I'm no gull expert) I can see examples of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Kelp Gulls. Feel free to comment on the identification.

In the next image we have Royal Terns in nonbreeding plumage with an adult Kelp Gull. The Royal Tern can also be found in North America and was added to our life list at the Lighthouse Pool in St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge in June of 2007. In addition to our observations in Florida, my wife and I also observed the terns on St. Simons Island in Georgia.

This one is a Southern Lapwing.

Many thanks to my brother Bruce for providing the images for this posting. I needed something to post between my weekly observations.

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