Saturday, February 5, 2011

Return to Dufferin Islands

On Sunday January 23, I was back at Dufferin Islands Nature Area looking to add Northern Pintail to the Bird-A-Day list. Arriving at the frozen pond, we observed a photographer capturing images of the ducks on the ice. It was my cycling friend Dave. Was he getting some good images of the Northern Pintail? On the previous day, I selected Brown Creeper, a choice that appeared to be the wrong one, the Northern Pintail could not be found on the cold but sunny afternoon.

After the harassment we endured from the nuthatches and chickadees for having empty pockets on the Saturday, Jean brought seed with us to ensure we left Dufferin Islands in one piece. She scattered the corn mixture for the ducks and the bird I sought soon arrived from its seclusion on the other side of the pond to get his share. Jean, Dave and I started taking photos. You'll have to wait for mine, I'm still using film. Save your comments for a club ride Dave. Like the Nishiki, my Nikon FG still has some life left in it.

Though there was a good selection of species for my Bird-A-Day list, I was certainly relieved that the male Northern Pintail was still hanging out with the many Mallards.

No Red-breasted Nuthatch were seen but the White-breasted Nuthatch (3) were busy distributing sunflower seeds to their many caches in the trees.

The sunflower seeds Jean placed on a rock also attracted a bird not seen the day before.

Tufted Titmouse, Baeolophus bicolor

I left Dufferin Islands with the tick I planned on. The start of a new work week meant I may have to take what I could get.

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  1. wow- what did we all do with our time before we discovered birds?