Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bird-A-Day Challenge 2012

I know I did not make an announcement at the beginning of the year that I planned on challenging myself again , but birders are a trustworthy lot. I truly did see the species listed below on the days indicated. The month of January will be over early next week and so far so good.

The object of the Bird-A-Day Challenge is to see how many days in row you can see or hear a different species. Last year, I carried the challenge as far as February 28. Two whole months.

How far I can stretch the elastic this year? There are some nice ticks listed below and on January 8, I had too many birds to choose from. Unfortunately, only one species is permissible and the remainder could not be pocketed and used over the next few days. So the day of the mid-winter waterfowl count, I went with the obvious choice, the lifer Northern Saw-whet Owl. Luckily, the King Eider was still around and I was able to observe it again the following weekend.

The work week will not be easy. Quick trips to spots (before the last of the daylight fades away) that are close by and known to harbour sought after species was used last year and worked surprising well. It helps when a desirable species crosses your path on the way to work. A Sharp-shinned Hawk did just that on Wednesday January 4. The weekends, well that's when I have to produce something not seen in everyday travels.

Hopefully, the likes of House Sparrow or Rock Pigeon will remain off the list for as long as possible and as for the Snowy Owls and Fish Crows out there, it would be greatly appreciated if you roosted on a utility pole along Fourth Avenue during my daily commute to work.

February 20:
February 19:
February 18:
February 17: American Goldfinch
February 16: American Crow
February 15: Gadwall
February 14: Rock Pigeon
February 13: Bonaparte's Gull
February 12: Peregrine Falcon
February 11: Blue Jay
February 10: Hairy Woodpecker
February 9: Hooded Merganser
February 8: Mallard
February 7: Mourning Dove
February 6: Horned Lark
February 5: Fish Crow
February 4: Snowy Owl
February 3: Carolina Wren
February 2: American Robin
February 1: American Coot

January 31: Pied-billed Grebe
January 30: Common Goldeneye
January 29: Dark-eyed Junco
January 28: Redhead
January 27: Mute Swan
January 26: American Black Duck
January 25: Red-tailed Hawk
January 24: American Tree Sparrow
January 23: Northern Cardinal
January 22: Ruddy Duck
January 21: Red-Bellied Woodpecker
January 20: Common Merganser
January 19: Ring-billed Gull
January 18: Cooper's Hawk
January 17: Northern Mockingbird
January 16: White-throated Sparrow
January 15: King Eider
January 14: Eastern Bluebird
January 13: Bufflehead
January 12: Canada Goose
January 11: Northern Harrier
January 10: Double-crested Cormorant
January 9:  Belted Kingfisher
January 8:  Northern Saw-whet Owl
January 7:  Lesser Black-backed Gull
January 6:  American Kestrel
January 5:  Great Black-backed Gull
January 4:  Sharp-shinned Hawk
January 3:  Red-breasted Merganser
January 2:  Black-crowned Night-Heron
January 1:  Northern Shrike

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