Monday, September 3, 2012

June Birding:You Might Be a Red-Necked Grebe

Back in June, Jean and I were returning from Guelph with our repaired spotting scope. We had dipped on a lifer Prairie Warbler so a consolation tick was needed. We stayed north of Lake Ontario and headed to Bronte Harbour in Oakville to get a look at the reported nesting Red-necked Grebes. Though this species breeds on inland lakes in Alaska and parts of Canada northwest of southern Ontario, the outer harbour at the mouth of Bronte Creek is well known for its nesting Red-necked Grebes (Robert Curry 2006)

It was an easier FOY tick than I thought it would be. A short walk from the parking lot and just in front of a group of photographers was an adult Red-necked Grebe.

From the pedestrian path, we watched the pair of Red-necked Grebes as they took turns incubating 4 eggs on the floating tire. 

While one parent sat on 4 eggs, the other was caring for one chick. We spotted two additional pairs of adult Red-necked Grebes in the marina.

Jean was glad to have the scope back to resume her hobby of digiscoping.

#188 for the year and while at the marina three species were added to our Halton Region list, Common Grackle, Chimney Swift and Cliff Swallows. Only three more species and we'll have 6 Ontario county lists with 100 or more species. Not a bad day overall.

Cliff Swallows were nesting on a nearby building.


  1. Interesting to see them nesting on a tire, beautiful photos.

  2. oh that pic of the baby grebe!!!!!!!!

  3. Neil, Thanks for the comments.

    Anne, Yeah, Jean did well capturing those images. Hope to see you at the convention. OFO BBQ Saturday?

  4. The Red necked grebe is really amazing bird. Super shots.

  5. The last one,Cliff Swallows, love those birds, and the series of Grebe images are wonderful~