Saturday, March 16, 2013

A New Bird Guide for the Book Shelf (Trogons in My Head)

Well the guide has not actually made it to the book shelf yet. Since late November of last year it sat on our coffee table for easy access in preparation of our birding trip to Belize the last week of February.

Just looking at the cover created visions of trogons in my head and though I know the title and lyrics of the Atlas Genius song 'Trojans' is not about birds from the family Trogonidae, it still sounds like trogons to me. And it continues to play that way when I hear the song on an almost hourly basis while at work. Did Jean and I get to see a species of trogon during our 9-day adventure in the tropics? Stay tuned as this Niagara birder does his best to post tales of visiting Central America for the first time since starting a life list several years ago. 

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