Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Missed One!

I cannot believe it! I omitted a bird from the '100 Birds to See Before You Die' list. I have actually observed four birds on the list since we started birding and recording our sightings. Any birds seen prior to 2006 will not be added to the list. There are a couple of them. They may come into play years from now when all hope of observing them is lost but at this time the birds will remain off the list.

In June of 2007, Jean and I took a road trip to the Florida panhandle with a planned visit to St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. Within a few days of leaving Ontario and 6 lifers added to the list, we arrived in Crawfordville, Florida. After finding suitable lodging, we visited the wildlife refuge for the first time. We would go to St. Marks each day during our 4 day stay in the area but it was during our first visit to the wildlife refuge when we would observe #91 on the list.

From Lighthouse Road we observed a single Roseate Spoonbill (LIFER #187) amongst a large number of egrets at Headquarters Pond. That would be the only observation of the Spoonbill while visiting St. Marks.

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