Monday, January 26, 2009

New Addition to the Yard List

Returning home from work today I decided to use the front steps to check for mail rather than the usual steps to the side entrance. Walking up the front walk I paused as I heard a bird's call. I looked around and found the cause, not the source, of the call, sitting in a tree.

A raptor was sitting in a neighbouring tree and I initially thought Cooper's as a pair do frequent the area. This bird was different though, darker back and a black cap. I went inside to obtain my binoculars for a better view and was glad to see it had not left when I returned. The bird was indeed different, it was a Peregrine Falcon! Jean and I were able to view it for a minute or two before it flew away towards the east, flying over our barn/garage before it disappeared from our view.

We live within walking distance of the downtown core so it is possible the falcon is a resident. There are plenty of pigeons in the area to prey upon and a nesting pair has attempted to raise young in the past.

In additon to being the 41st bird on the yard list this was our first Peregrine Falcon of the year. A welcome sight as they do not occur that often.

Stay tuned for Saturday's attempt to tick a reported Spotted Towhee.

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