Sunday, April 4, 2010

Niagara Digiscoping

While the text may be done on what will be the next posted tale, I still need to add some cool digiscoped images captured by Jean. The post would be incomplete without them. Please be patient.

Our PC has decided it will no longer allow the transfer of images from Jean's camera to the computer. @%*&# PC! It is not the cable as an associate from the camera store suggested. Transfers work just fine on my mother-in-law's PC. It could be Norton causing the problem but for now posting birding tales with images will take longer than usual.

Thanks to Jean's mum, we finally have access to images that were taken over the last couple of months and some of them should have accompanied recent birding tales from the Niagara Region. What to do with the images now? Well, why not use them in a separate post? A post that will periodically appear between tales and since they are digiscoped images, mostly captured in the Niagara Region, call the post, "Niagara Digiscoping". Voila!

So without further ado, here is the first digiscoped image (of what I hope to be many) captured while birding in the Niagara Region.

This image was captured the long weekend in February while counting birds for the 2010 GBBC. Jean and I were birding along the Niagara River on February 14 when we came across two Great Black-backed Gulls sharing a romantic meal. Yes, on Valentine's Day! This would have been a great image to accompany the 2010 GBBC post. Unfortunately, technical difficulties prevailed.

I already have the next image planned. There may be some text accompanying it, then again, there may not. That's the beauty of Niagara Digiscoping. Oh, by the way. I hope to have the next tale, "Two for the Price of One", posted soon.

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