Friday, July 23, 2010

A "Chromey" Tick

Normally, Jean and I visit Port Dalhousie during the winter months when waterfowl congregate on the open waters of the marina and the parking lot is completely empty. On Thursday, the city lot was full and the majority of the visitors were sunning themselves on the beach of the municipal park immortalized in the Rush song Lakeside Park.

The reason for this visit was Neil Peart's 1974-chrome Slingerland kit. A drum set now owned by Dean Bobisud, a Chicago restaurateur.

The owner now tours the kit raising funds for charity. The "Chromey" was on display Thursday afternoon and after appearing at RushCon this weekend it will return to Lakeside Park for a second public viewing on Saturday.

For a donation of $20 (proceeds to Friends of the Carousel), drooling fans, with or without drumming skills, could play the kit used by Neil Peart during the recording of Fly by Night, Caress of Steel, 2112 and the live album All the World's a Stage.

Still only a nickel a ride!

From 1974-1977, Neil used the kit on 5 North American tours.

In addition to the Slingerland, an assortment of Rush memorabilia was on display.

An Alex Lifeson autographed Les Paul.

I'll have to say, it was pretty cool to see this kit used by Neil Peart. I have no skills what-so-ever but I was still in awe of the kit used by a birder. Yes, Neil Peart is not only a birder but also a cyclist. Earlier this year, a fellow blogger informed me that this former St. Catharines native enjoys chasing after birds from time to time.

I believe this live Rush clip found on YouTube is quite fitting for ending this post. Not only is Rush performing Lakeside Park in a 1976 performance, Neil is actually playing the drums pictured above.

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  1. This is just too awesome. I've never thought about "chasing" a non-avian entity, but Neal Peart's drum kit? Definitely a possibility!