Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Perils of Nesting Killdeer

Killdeer will nest in a variety of open areas especially in gravel or on gravelled rooftops. During the breeding season I usually observe Killdeer peering down at me from the roof of my company's building but this year a pair selected a site at ground level. Arriving at work earlier this week, I noticed a Killdeer standing on the grass near the rear of the building and as I continued walking towards the door, the bird became alarmed and started its dee-dee-dee call. I am accustom to this species of shorebird frequenting the parking area and loading bay at this time of year and continued on my way to start another work week.

Later that day, a coworker informed me that the Killdeer laid two eggs in the gravel at the back of the building. Killdeer are known to nest in areas near human activity and this site is no exception. It's right near the warehouse entrance to the building. Not only do I and a few of my coworkers enter and exit the building here, couriers making daily deliveries also drive up the ramp that is adjacent to the narrow strip of gravel beside the building.

As of today, there are three eggs on the nest and until the eggs hatch and the young are ready to fly, I'll be greeted by the Killdeer's alarm call and injury-feigning display every morning during the work week. And so begins, the perils of nesting Killdeer.

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