Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Squeezerless Wine Festival

Say it ain't so! Ce n'est pas possible! The 2011 Liberty! Bicycles Off-Road Squeezer has been cancelled. Though I've heard rumblings of the Niagara Wine Festivals organizing the race (yet to be listed on the events calendar), it is certainly a sad day knowing that Kurt and the rest of the Squeezer organizing group are not involved. I have yet to get on a bike this season and any plans I had of riding in this truly memorable citizen race have been stomped on.

As demonstrated in this video, the past 16 years have been fantastic and like any fine Niagara wine, it just gets better with every passing year.

Up until last year (there was a conflict with a birding convention) , I had ridden in every Squeezer since 1999. No matter the conditions and the flats encountered, I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this fine event. Starting and finishing near Montebello Park fits so well with the final day of festivities held in the municipal park. With this change, the mountain bike race as we know it, will be corked. I, for one, hope that Liberty! Bicycles will return in the near future to re-establish, what was, a damn-good mountain bike event!

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