Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A New (Birding) Trail

August 10

Having viewed a pair of American Goldfinches feeding from Sunflowers in our garden earlier in the evening, Jean and I thought where could we bird in St. Catharines that was nearby and easily accessible?

A new trail had recently been constructed on the Port Weller Spit allowing walkers and cyclists scenic views of the Welland Canal and Lake Ontario.

In the past, one could bird along the Seaway Haulage Road or the rustic trails created by people hiking on the east pier and I was concerned that too many trees would be lost during construction of the gravel path. Well, it appears the trail (which completes the Welland Canal Trail) still has a good number of trees and bird activity appears unaffected (as does the mosquito population). We did not plan for biting insects and with the sun quickly setting we failed to complete the entire section of the 2.7 kilometre trail, observing 17 species during our short visit to Port Weller.

May 2010 will be the determining factor for repeated visits. The eco park on the west side has produced some excellent days during spring migration (I still have a warbler post sitting in the drafts) so hopefully this new trail will provide a lifer or two next year. If I can pull myself away from the eco park that is.

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