Sunday, August 2, 2009

Squeezer 2009

On Sunday September 27, the final day of the Niagara Wine Festival, the 2009 Liberty! Bicycles Off-road Squeezer will take place and though I have not been riding much, I'm in!

Another cool logo for the upcoming event! A 30 kilometre course starting and finishing in downtown St. Catharines. There will be no time to look for birds as I ride along singletrack through the 12-Mile Creek Valley, Short Hills Provincial Park, local vineyards and on the Niagara Escarpment.

Here is some YouTube footage from last year's start and finish. If you look closely, you can catch yours truly at the start. Though it is a brief glimpse, I was able to spot myself (I'm turning my head to my right as I go by) 26-27 seconds into the video. I wish I could spot warblers that quickly. It's downright scary having the devil chase you up the Salina Street Hill as you sprint for the finish, especially when he is running beside you and yelling your name!!

I have yet to determine which wave I'll submit my entry under but as usual it will most likely be one of the earlier ones. Kurt and the gang always do a great job with this race and this year's should be no different. I wish them all the best in a quick reopening of the store and I was glad to hear no one was injured during the major fire in the building adjacent to the shop.

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