Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sunflower Visitors

August 10

We planted a Sunflower in our garden last year and this year it returned with a second plant, both producing beautiful blooms.

The blooms are now gone and to some, the plant may not look that appealing anymore.

To an American Goldfinch however, they look great.

The other day I caught a glimpse of some finches near the sunflowers. The male stood on top of the fence post (all that remains of the fence). The birds quickly took flight. On another day, the finches would pass by without stopping. Most likely due to the presence of the homeowners and their dogs in the backyard.

Monday evening I was with the dogs and taking them back into the house. The finches had returned and they were both feeding on the seeds of the Sunflower. I quickly ushered the dogs back into the house, allowing Jean to capture the following images.

The male and female American Goldfinch fed from the plant for 15 minutes.

With a bit of luck the sunflowers and finches should return next year. A fence should be in place by then. Hopefully it will not be a deterrent.

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