Monday, October 26, 2009

1000th Checklist

Jean and I are in our fourth year of birding and since day one I have submitted our observations to eBird and eBird Canada. On Saturday October 24, I submitted two checklists. The first for species observed during our attempt to view the Lark Sparrow and a second checklist which was our 1000th checklist.

Some birders contribute between 500-1000 checklists in one year (not sure where they get all the time to do that) and their over zealousness is greatly appreciated, as is any number of lists submitted. eBird Canada collects and filters the data which in turn is shared with the scientific community. For a more thorough explanation check out their site.

The 1000th list was not very extensive. In fact, only one species was observed. Well, two if you count the recently killed Mourning Dove. We were between dinner and dessert at my parents' when we noticed a Cooper's Hawk perched in the front yard crab apple tree. In its talons it held a dead dove. It began to dine on its prey and stayed in the tree for 15 minutes before leaving with its evening meal. A few feathers were all that remained on the tree branch.

Unfortunately, we did not capture any identifiable images for posting. Stepping outside to the front yard for a closer shot would have only disturbed the Cooper's and the bird would have left sooner than later.

The 1000 checklists we have submitted cover 3 provinces and 10 states (with a total of 52 counties). I hope to eventually add more states and provinces, possibly a territory or two. The province with the most ticks, well you can probably guess that one easily. I'm currently ranked 16th on the 2009 Top 100 eBirders in Ontario. Moving up the table before the end of the year may prove difficult. The state and county with the most, well you will have to wait for a future posting, hopefully before the 2000th checklist.

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  1. Congrats on 1,000 checklists in eBird! Quite a milestone, one that gives more than it takes. Looking forward to 1,000 more - and the stories I hope you'll post!