Friday, October 23, 2009

Missed Them By That Much

During the Hamilton OFO field trip I added three species to my provincial year list, setting a personal best for birds seen in a year. Any additional birds added to the list after the Thanksgiving Day weekend will be icing on the cake (preferably chocolate).

That opportunity arose yesterday when I received a phone tip from a birding friend. He had observed 17 Brant (with Canada Geese) on the manicured lawn of some lake-front condos. I always appreciate Kayo informing Jean and I of notable birds spotted in the region. It was a phone call from Kayo that led Jean and I to observe our lifer Long-eared Owl in February of this year. Another lifer, thanks to a phone call from Kayo, was observed in June of 2008. A lone Brant on the grass of a city park in Port Colborne (south end of the Welland Canal).

After finishing work, Jean and I went to Jones Beach in Port Weller (north end of the Welland Canal) to observe the Brants.

It had been over 2 hours since the geese were observed but there was still a possibility of viewing them. Upon our arrival we could see that the Brants were no longer present. Mallards dabbled along the shoreline and we spotted 12 Green-winged Teal close to shore. A small flock of Canada Geese announced themselves as they flew by but no Brants were accompanying them.

These two characters were of no help. They had no idea where the Brants had gone.

A worthy try but the year list still sits at 188.

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