Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Summer Finale

It has been here for three weeks now but before fall officially arrived on Tuesday September 22 (shortly after 5:00 pm) Jean and I did some birding during the last weekend of the summer.

September 19

With shorebirds passing through the area as they migrate to their wintering grounds Jean and I checked out some spots along the Lake Erie shore between Fort Erie and Port Colborne.

Our first stop was at a spot with views of the Buffalo skyline. The only shorebirds viewed here, 2 Greater Yellowlegs and some Killdeer.

We would bird a few more spots and shorebird species were limited. Luckily the sunny day and scenery made up for the absence of shorebirds.

We were about to leave a public access (only observing Killdeer) when 3 Semipalmated Plovers appeared out of the tall grass.

September 20

Sunday evening we visited the Green Ribbon Trail. We missed viewing an adult Black-crowned Night-heron but Jean managed to capture some images of a Great Blue Heron.

As the sun was setting we visited Lakeside Park in Port Dalhousie with hopes of sighting a few shorebirds in the far west corner of the park. No such luck.

Though it's just a memory

Some memories last forever

Neil Peart
Lakeside Park


  1. It was about a year ago the Curlew Sandpiper showed up in (roughly) that area, isn't it? I remember a wonderful view of the Buffalo skyline with even better views of the sandpiper. I was rushing through your post thinking, and hoping, that's where you were going.

    Rarity aside, beautiful shots! Hope you are having a wonderful fall season.

    And love the Neil Peart quote - one of my favorite lyricists!

  2. Thanks Mike.

    Yes, I like that spot in Fort Erie. A Pomarine Jaeger was observed there many years ago so the spot is known as "jaeger rocks" to Niagara & WNY birders.

    I'll do my best to include more of Peart's lyrics in future postings.

    Looking forward to your photos of T&T.